5 Year Limited Warranty on Ceramic

1 Year Limited Warranty on Components and Seat


1 Year Limited Warranty


5 Year Limited Warranty 


​Shower (Doors, Walls, & Bases) -  3 Year Limited Warranty

Bathtub - 5 Year Limited Warranty

CABALO cannot be held responsible for the direct, indirect damaged caused or resulting from accidental occurrences and the related expenses, including sundries, cost of labor, material or any other cost related to the installation or the replacement of product of any of its components. The warranty excludes any expenses related to transportation, installation and/or uninstallation and freight or handling charges. The present warranty does not cover defects, damages resulting from Act of God, accident, catastrophe, abuse, negligence, improper installation addition or removal of parts or equipment, misuse, intensive temperature variation, exposures to chemicals and/or abrasives of any kind, or stains caused by types of water such as hard, ferrous or alkaline water.

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